Matura podstawowa answer key

.2 CD / DVD drive2 B 5 A2 treated3 USB port3 A 6 B3 curedCZYTANIE 2MWIENIE 2 4 on / off button4 C25 CD85 D MWIENIE 1 11 exhale is a verb.6 monitor1 pills(Sample answers)12 melt is a verb.7 memory stick / pendrive2 injectionsPISANIE There s an ambulance standing in the street.Three1 g3 solid is a noun here (it can also be an adjective)8 keyboard3 X-rayparamedics are putting an injured person on a1 c 2 d9 mouse4 surgery stretcher.1 c 3 a 310 speaker / loudspeaker5 vaccine There has probably been an accident.2 a 4 f 1 b11 printer6 herbs They re going to take the accident victim to3 b 5 e 2 ahospital3 c6 c 891 d7 bPeople 1 space 7 orbit1 Don t miss it.PISANIE 41 c 2 ship 8 station2 Make sure you re there.1 T1 the fluCZYTANIE 22 d 3 astronaut 9 universe3 We need your participation.2 F2 prescribed3 e 4 rocket 10 meteor14 Come and have fun!3 medication5 (M)4 a 5 comet 11 launch1 C5 Come and prove yourself.4 take things easy1 T5 b 6 satellite2 D6 If you re not playing, come and watch!5 come and help a bit2 FPlaces6 get well 923 F1 c11 ZDROWIE1 came1 C ( His behaviour encourages the other patients,4 T2 dpreviously too frightened to be themselves&  ) 12 NAUKA I TECHNIKA 2 keptSAOWNICTWO5 F3 aAnalysis: 3 area6 TSAOWNICTWO14 b disturb  he disturbs the routine, not the other 4 won1 f1patients 65 made102 bmathematcian geologist frightened  they were frightened previously 1 d6 out1 from3 cphysicist psychologist(by the nurse, we can guess).2 f7 in2 of4 echemist archaeologist conflict  the conflict is between McMurphy 3 e8 out3 to5 dand the Nurse, as he  challenges her authority biologist4 a4 to6 a 10and  encourages others to do the same.5 b5 from 21 net / web2 D ( they did not fit the conventional ideas of6 c26 on 1 e2 on, press, order, downhow they should behave )Illnesses: cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, stroke,7 in 2 d7Analysis:fl u8 out 3 cCZYTANIE 1 1 extinguish 4 assimilate conventional ideas  mentally ill people  don tInjuries: broken ribs, sprained wrist9 in 4 a2 cell 5 dissolvefit them , so they can t have them, but the text2 (M)5 gdoes not suggest anything nearly as strong as 3 evaporates 6 oxidized31 C116 ftheir hating them.1 cold2 D1 see7 b pushed  the text says they are  pushed outSAUCHANIE 22 sneezing3 A2 make(of society), not  pushed around (ordered to3 coughing4 C 2 (M)3 take 3do things and treated without respect)4 fever5 B 1 C4 take 1 hypothesis2 A5 keep 3 (M) 2 research433 B1 A 3 findings1 e1 Observe the world4 CCZYTANIE 1 2 B 4 evidence2 d2 Formulate a hypothesis5 C3 B 5 record3 a 13 Carry out an experiment6 B4 A 6 lab4 b 1 c4 Analyse the findings5 C5 c 2 d4PISANIE6 C 43 e1 aerial 6 button1 discovered1 b4 f2 battery 7 remote control2 observed1 interesting5 b3 socket 8 battery3 chemist2 liked6 a4 plug 9 headphones4 experiments3 interested5 cable5 confirmed4 amazed / impressed6 evidence86 87ANSWER KEY 1 c 4 5 2 8 CZYTANIE 21 Wish you were here.1 foggy (Sample answers) First, / Firstly, 3Verb Crime Criminal 12 I m sure you d love it.2 stormy (rocky) coastline, sandy beaches, island, river, I am writing in connection with the articleLeft to right: the United Kingdom, Scotland,steal theft thiefgreen valleys, snow-peaked mountains , oasis, about& published on& 13 It s a pity you re not here with me.3 frostythe European Union.rob robbery robberdesert, mountain rangeI could not agree more./ I must say I strongly4 It s just the kind of thing you love.4 mistyburgle burglary burglar2 (M)disagree with& 21 d5 shoplift shoplifting shoplifter1 TI was surprised / pleased / shocked by the articleHi! (O)pick someone s pickpocketing pickpocket1 fruit 6 grass2 TSAUCHANIE 1 on& , which appeared in your paper on& 1Love, (E)pocket2 leaf 7 flower3 FI wonder what other readers think about thisHi Steve, (O) 2mug mugging mugger3 branch 8 bushissue.4 4 FSee you soon, (E) (Sample answers)4 trunk 9 soil smuggle smuggling smugglerI would be grateful if you could print my letter.4 5 FYours, (E)word synonym antonym5 rootSecondly, / What is more, 3 rape rape rapist 6 Tsafe secure dangerousThe author argues that& / recommends& 2murder murder murderersad unhappy cheerfulAROUND THE WORLD IN ENGLISH 63quiet peaceful, silent noisyIndia 1 mammalsA question 6914 PACSTWO I SPOAECZECSTWO2 birdsB question 5 (majority  minority)3READING 1 e3 fish SAOWNICTWOC question 1 (simple past  present perfect)1 T2 c14 insectsD question 3 (dislike   & most of them dislike2 T 13 d1 T5 reptiles being called English )3 F1 population 4 f2 T2 capital 5 b7 53 T4 (M)3 anthem 6 a1 isn t1 fox 5 stork1 F24 flag2 has2 hare 6 deer2 T101 English was the language of instruction in schools,5 borders3 doesn t want3 brown bear 7 squirrel3 TAthe language of business and commerce.6 republic4 small4 European bison 8 wolf4 T1 formed 4 discriminate2 Non-Hindi speakers protested, sometimes7 constitution5 oil and tourism5 Fviolently.2 broke out 5 join88 citizen6 T3 It is used in the legal system, government 3 gained / won1 d9 immigrantsSAUCHANIE 2administration, secondary and higher education, B2 eCZYTANIE 2 1the armed forces, the media, business, tourism 21 break, committed3 g1 cand in the enormously important and fast-1 f2 (M) 2 planted4 fgrowing Information Technology.2 d2 a1 A 3 accused, went, sentenced5 b3 b3 d2 C6 aLISTENING 4 e4 cCZYTANIE 13 B7 c5 a5 e2 4 D2 (M)96 b1 d 5 C1 A2 (M)1 g2 a2 F1 C332 h3 b3 B2 B1 Parliament3 aNatural disasters Environmental problems4 e4 C3 C2 Lords4 c5 cdrought global warming5 D4 B3 Commons5 bflood greenhouse effect6 E5 A4 Congress36 dhurricane acid rain5 Senate1 I love this curry.It is quite hot.7 e4forest fire air pollutionMWIENIE 26 Representatives2 You ordered the chicken curry, didn t you?8 f1 break3 My friends are all waiting for us.(word order) (Sample answers)2 death, lifeMWIENIE 1 4104 Pay attention to your father.a The photo shows a disabled girl in a wheelchair3 commit1 majority1 unleaded petrol 1and her friend.They are entering a building,5 Could you turn on the television?4 under2 Left wing2 greenhouse effect Yes, the candidate covers all bullet points.perhaps their school.The friend is pushing the3 conservative3 sort your rubbish wheelchair up a ramp.They are laughing and13 NATURE2 SAUCHANIE 14 vote4 animal species talking.They seem relaxed and happy.1 don t weSAOWNICTWO 5 politicians 2 (M)b The photo illustrates the problem of facilities11 2 mean; waste of time; responsibility; planet1 Cfor disabled people in public places, especially151 protect 3 let s; How s that?2 Aaccess to buildings