.These peoples are used by the collective toserve the empire in a similar fashion as peasants serve a king or dictator, yet on a much larger and moretragic scale (the Holy Bible; Israel Norkin and other contactees)500 A.D.-- The Orion cluster is now fully controlled by the "United Worlds of Orion" which in turnserves under the authority of the Alpha Draconian empire, Rigel and Bellatrix being major centers ofOrionite power.This sub-empire of Orion consists all-in-all of six Orionite star systems at the core, whichhave succeeded in conquering and subduing several worlds throughout this sector of the galaxy in orderto feed their empire's parasitical lust for conquest, many of these worlds are slave-planets wheredescendants of human colonials live, although their horrifying existence could probably not be considered'living'.The atrocities of the Draco-Orion empire are known throughout the whole galaxy and has earneditself the title, among many of their Federation enemies, of "The Unholy Six".Devastating battles arewaged between the Pleiadeans and Orionites.Whole worlds are devastated.The Sirians, many of whomare descended from refugees from Rigel Orion, begin a long history of interstellar conflict with theOrionites over the disputed sector of space, a star cluster in the immediate vicinity of Sol, containingsome 21 life-bearing star systems (source: Alex Collier and other contactees)1000 A.D.-- Core systems of the Draconian collective include: Alpha Draconis, Rigel Orion, EpsilonBootes, Zeta II Reticuli.Core systems of the Ashtar Alliance include: Sirius-B, Arcturus, Aldebaran, Altair.Core systems of the United Federation include: Taygeta Pleiades, Tau Ceti, Vega Lyra, Procyon.To better understand these three networks, you could say that the United Federation's MAIN focus is onspiritual development, whereas the Ashtar Alliance's is on intellectual advancement, and the Draconian'son material conquest.We live in a universe of spirit, mind, and matter.The important thing to rememberhowever, is to ensure that spirit dominates over matter, rather than the other way around [that is, a top-down flow of LIFE rather then a bottom-up flow of CHAOS].There are fallen angels who would try tocounterfeit true spiritual LIFE.You will know them by their 'fruits', and by their obsession withmaterialism, and their advocation of material means for salvation of spirit, for instance so-called salvationby surrendering to a psionic- electronic COLLECTIVE which discourages free agency, sovereignty,creativity, liberty and self-expression.Such a false 'salvation' tends to KILL the spirit rather than set itfree.However, the Federated worlds MUST subdue and tame the Draconians, otherwise the Draconians --who are motivated by unbounded material appetite just like their rebel/fallen angelic masters -- willannihilate the Federation worlds, which the Draconian collective considers to be the only obstaclestanding in the way of full galactic assimilation and conquest.They are especially hostile to those hard-core non-interventionists who would try to police the galaxy in an effort to prevent interventionist forcesfrom interfering with the sovereignty and destinies of independent worlds.In order to conquer the natureof the beast without, however, WE must first conquer the nature of the beast within, by making peacewith the Almighty SOURCE of all LIFE, by receiving the 'Divine Blood Transfusion' that Jesus the Christ-- the Son of God and the Son of Man, the God-Man -- made possible as a result of the events which tookplace at Calvary, at the "center of time", BC/AD (source: Various contactees and abductees; the HolyBible)1500 A.D.-- Draconian Reptiloids and Rigelian Greys try to attack and conquer the Nordic colonialworld in Procyon.They fail, and use the excuse that it was all a mistake and misunderstanding.Incredibly, the Rigelian Greys gain the confidence of certain self-serving members of Procyonintelligence by offering to exchange advanced technology [sound familiar?] in order to make up for theharm done to them as a result of being forced out of their former home-world in Rigel during the Orionwars.The Dracos/Greys gain access to all levels of Procyonian society through a Trojan-horse type ofsubversion and infiltration.At a critical point, the Dracos-Greys carry out a sudden coup d'etat, andProcyon falls to their control.Many are killed and many, many Nordics are taken captive to be used asslaves or for biological/DNA sources for experimentation.Many of these mind-controlled Nordics areused to gain the trust of the inhabitants of other targeted worlds, including planet earth.Procyon inter-dimensional freedom fighters finally liberate their people in the latter part of the 20th century [earth-time].The three MAJOR interstellar superpowers in this sector of the galaxy continue to expand multi-dimensionally, wars rage, empires rise and fall into oblivion, whole civilizations are enslaved andliberated, only to be enslaved again.The battle between spirit and matter continues.Many worlds whichhave lost the knowledge of their ancient genesis on planet earth begin to discover the truth.All eyes beginturning towards planet earth and to the galaxy-shaking events which are beginning to form there.TheAlmighty One continues with His mysterious and awesome plan to bring His corrupted creation back intothe light, including His "lost sheep" which have left the cradle [earth] and have been scattered among thestars.The Almighty One does not seek to destroy the material forces of chaos, but to cleanse them andbring them back under the dominion of spirit.This is accomplished individually.This is also why humanswere given a duel spiritual 'body' like the angels and a material 'body' like the beasts.WE are God'svessels to 'tame' the material forces of the universe and bring them into alignment with spirit.Mankindoriginally possessed such supernatural dominion in the beginning, however they/we forfeited it bysuccumbing to the lies of the fallen angels who possessed the 'serpent' race as described in Genesischapter 3.This effectively spawned suspicion and fear within humanity and the simple faith in God whichserved as the conduit for the flow of divine LIFE was broken at our end, and our supernatural dominionover nature was lost.that is until Jesus the Christ came to restore it by establishing a way whereby ALLwho are willing could once again make PEACE with an absolutely perfect and infinite God.We canrestore this lost spiritual dominion over a material universe gone 'wild' by CHOOSING to bring our ownmaterial nature under the control of our spiritual nature, by the power of the grace that the Almighty Oneprovides through His shed life-blood (source: George Andrews; the Holy Bible)2000 A.D.-- The conflict between the Pleiadeans and the Orionites is now focusing on planet earth --which with its strategic location and resources and central role in galactic history is the KEY to thesuccess or failure of either side.In Sirius, a massive civil war erupts as Draconian and Orionite infiltrationof the Ashtar/Astarte alliance is exposed by factions loyal to the Androme-Pleiadean non-interventionists. Many within the Alliance, especially in Sirius-A, begin to ally themselves with the Androme-PleiadeanFederationists, whereas many within Sirius-B, including reptiloids, align themselves with the Draco-Orion collectivists.A MASSIVE Draco-Orion backed armada, with battleships upwards of 500 mileslong, leaves Sirius-B at sub-light speeds in order to maintain third dimensional integrity [it's easier tophase-in to other-dimensional realities through exceeding light-speed, then it is to phase-back- in to thirddimensional reality from an other-dimensional mode].Their destination is the SOL system, where theyintend to help enforce an electronic New World Order dictatorship that human agents of the Draco-Orion-SiriusB alliance -- who are members of international banking fraternities -- have been implementing onearth from their bases near Gizeh, Egypt; Dulce, New Mexico [controlled by ciakars or winged dracos,white dracos, and green dracos]; Pine Gap, Australia; and the German Thule Societies' M.A.L.T.A.basein the Alsace-Lorraine region of Germany and the 'New Berlin' base in the New Shwabenland region ofAntarctica.Massive abduction, indoctrination, and implantation programs targeting earth's citizens havebeen carried out through previous decades in order to facilitate the take-over of planet earth and itsannexation into the Draconian-Orionite collective.Massive Andromedan, Pleiadean, Tau Cetian,Procyonese, Arcturian, Iummite, Vegan, Koldasian and other forces loyal to the United Federation andthe non-interventionist directives have established a massive 'blockade' near the orbital sphere of Neptunein order to prevent planet earth from being interfered with by incoming Draconian- backed forces, whoare aware of their ancient genesis on planet earth and who are intent on overthrowing or enslaving thehuman race at this critical time in our planet's history, so that they can take back 'their' planet.Theapocalyptic "war in heaven" is imminent.The final showdown between good and evil begins (the HolyBible - Genesis chapter 3 & Revelation chapter 12)Opracowane przez Brantona (Email: alandewalton@yahoo.com)